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Clocked Out: The cheapest breakfast in town?

Golden Eagle: '90s fast casual-aesthetic meets low-ish prices, fresh ingredients and massive portions.

Clocked Out: The cheapest breakfast in town?
I don’t know if the Golden Eagle in Signal Hill is truly the "home of the breakfast burrito” but it sure is home to a pretty massive breakfast burrito. Photo by Kat Schuster

Long Beach, tell me your secrets. Where are you going for your no-frills, affordable breakfast?

And by no-frills, I don’t mean Egg Heaven or The Potholder. They may brand themselves as simple diners, but you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t get out the door for less than $20 per head.

I’ll admit it: my absolute favorite thing to do is dine out. But this four-year marathon of sustained inflation has been killing my vibe.

Over the past six months, restaurant menu prices have risen about 2.3%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. I don’t think I need to take the square root of anything to convince you that guac is really extra this year.

Today, we’re going to talk about breakfast and how we’re sick of paying $17 for an omelet we damn well could’ve made just as well at home. Even the veggie omelet at Denny’s is up to $15. Denny’s!

For want of a deep breath, let’s talk about where I went on Saturday for breakfast.

I woke up that day a little late. I had worked my side job as a DJ the night before, but I didn’t make as much money as I expected to. So, naturally, I was already depressed that I wouldn’t be able to afford a typical post-late-night brunch at Bake n’ Broil, MeeMa’s, Saint & Second, Wild Chive, Colossus, etc.

Kat Schuster was laid off from the Long Beach Post on March 22, yet she still authors Clocked Out and serves as editor of the Watchdog without pay. Thank her for her work.

Luckily, my boyfriend and I remembered recently passing by a plain and dated-looking establishment called the Golden Eagle in Signal Hill with a sign that boasted “home of the breakfast burrito.” So, we took a chance.

Let me cut to the chase — they certainly are home to a very large, very tasty $10 breakfast burrito with chunky pico de gallo. We also ordered coffee, fries and a $5 garden burger because where the hell else can you find a $5 garden burger?

The Garden Burger at the Golden Eagle. Photo by Kat Schuster.

I know, that sounds like a strange breakfast order. But the the price was right and everything we ordered arrived quickly, hot and all of the ingredients were pretty dang fresh. What’s more, it was one of those really good garden burgers, not the cardboard-textured patties that eateries had before the advent of quality meat mimicry.

Next time I might try their 3 Hot Cakes & Eggs combo for $9.70 or Egg Sandwich for $6.60.

Between the red leather booths, the self-serve coffee and the cooks behind the counter in their retro paper hats, it felt real good to be back in 1998.

We spent $25 in total. We will return.

Now, I realize that $10 and change for a breakfast burrito isn’t the cheapest or best option in town. My coworkers and comrades tell me both Leo’s in Downtown and Cocorenos in Belmont Heights have breakfast burritos at certain times for around $6. (I’ll be investigating those claims next weekend.)

I’m sure you’re reading this bursting with your own opinions and ideas about where to get a cheaper breakfast in Long Beach. Do share. Reach me at Kat@lbwatchdog.com.

The non-descript yet cozy interior of Golden Eagle in Signal Hill. Photo by Kat Schuster.

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