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Long Beach Watchdog is published by Watchdog Media Cooperative, Inc., a worker-owned collective committed to building a new future for local journalism in our community. 

We are dedicated to providing Long Beach with accurate, timely news and fearless investigative reporting. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, accountability and responsibility, and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of our workers.

Guiding Principles

Integrity in Everything We Do: We pledge to uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity and independence in our journalism and how we conduct our business. Our content will always be driven by truth, accuracy, and fairness, ensuring that we earn and maintain the trust of our audience. Our business will always be run in a manner that benefits the wellbeing of our workers and our readers.

We are Long Beach: As part of the Long Beach community, we commit to responsive and inclusive journalism. We will actively engage with our readers, addressing their concerns and reflecting diverse perspectives in our reporting.

Employee Welfare: Recognizing our roots in a unionization effort, we prioritize the welfare and fair treatment of all our worker-owners and collaborators. Our cooperative is committed to transparent decision-making and supporting the professional growth and wellbeing of our team.

Sustainability and Growth: We aim to sustainably and responsibly grow our publication to ensure Long Beach has the local news and information it needs for many years to come. Our goal is to ensure long-term viability and independence, allowing us to continue serving our community effectively.

Why 'the Watchdog'?

The term "watchdog journalism" traces its origins to the fundamental role that the press plays in a democratic society. Derived from the concept of a loyal guardian that protects and alerts to potential danger, watchdog journalism involves rigorous investigation and reporting to hold those in powerful positions accountable. 

This form of journalism serves as a critical check on government and business, ensuring that the public remains informed about actions and policies that affect their lives. The term underscores the vigilance, dedication, and impartiality required to uncover the truth and bring it to light.

For us, adopting the name "Long Beach Watchdog" symbolizes a commitment to fearless, independent local journalism. It reflects a pledge to the community to always diligently monitor and report on matters of public concern without succumbing to external pressures or influences. 

In a time when media consolidation and misinformation pose significant challenges, a worker-owned news source like ours must stand as a bastion of integrity, ensuring that the voices and issues of the local community are accurately represented and heard. This dedication to transparency and accountability embodies the true spirit of watchdog journalism, fostering a more informed and engaged democracy.

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