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The Long Beach Watchdog is a publication by striking and laid off employees of the Long Beach Journalism Initiative, the nonprofit that publishes the Long Beach Post and Long Beach Business Journal.

On the morning of March 22, 2024 LBJI CEO Melissa Evans laid off 60% of the staff, decimating Long Beach’s largest newsroom.

These layoffs came just days after staff had voiced their intention to unionize as the Long Beach Media Guild. Staff who were originally told their jobs were safe from this round of layoffs were added to the layoff list after becoming central to the unionization effort.

The three remaining reporters left to cover a city of half a million people remain on strike in solidarity with their coworkers who lost their jobs.

Without the Post and Business Journal, Long Beach is a news desert. Our colleagues at other local newspapers, all of whom face their own issues with understaffing, cannot be expected to adequately cover a city this size alone.

The Long Beach Watchdog will bring you the news that you’d usually find in the Long Beach Post and Long Beach Business Journal, from the same reporters who made those the trusted, indispensable sources of local journalism they once were.

We will also keep you updated on our union’s actions, our ongoing fight against these illegal and retaliatory layoffs, our push for recognition by the Board of Directors of the LBJI, and our mission to restore the Post and Business Journal to their former place as the city’s #1 source for independent, local news.

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