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A dedicated team who continues to capture the heart of the city

I’m sending you this to brag about my friends Jason Ruiz, Alicia Robinson and Fernando Haro because they won’t do it.

A dedicated team who continues to capture the heart of the city
The future Watchdog crew, minutes after walking off the job at the Long Beach Post, March 22, 2024. Photo by Jesse Lopez.

Jason, Alicia and Fernando are reporters at the Long Beach Post. Four weeks ago, despite still having a job, Jason led the newsroom in a walkout when CEO Melissa Evans announced that nine of his colleagues were going to be laid off.

Today, even though they were spared from those layoffs and are still employed by the Post, these dedicated journalists remain on strike in solidarity with their laid off co-workers.

You may not know that workers are not paid while they are on strike. Jason, Alicia and Fernando are opting to forgo a steady paycheck to stand by their fellow workers, and stand up for the future of local journalism in Long Beach.

In spite of this, rather than leaving Long Beach a news desert, these three — along with their laid-off colleagues Kat Schuster, Caitlin Antonios, Brandon Richardson, Jackie Rae, Jake Gotta, Candice Wong, Stephanie Perez, Maria Rempel and myself, as well as Kate Karp, who joined us this week — have formed the Long Beach Watchdog, to continue bringing you the local news and information you need to be an informed and active participant in your community.

Please help us continue this work by making a donation to the Long Beach Media Guild Relief Fund, which — in the absence of a steady paycheck — goes to helping all of us pay for rent and bills while we rebuild Long Beach’s largest and most trusted news team.

Thank you,

Dennis Dean

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